SmartSpace Stories

We love learning more about our members and what they create! Below are SmartSpace Stories; updates on our space as well as stories about our members. Their stories show how fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners got their starts and what they love about coworking!


Our first film shoot


This July, SmartSpace had the amazing opportunity to host a film crew! Summer in NYC is always full of film crews working hard to make movie magic, and it was so exciting to have a crew of professionals here to work for a day.

Our experience with a film crew was interesting; we were worried about the disturbance - but we found a quieter day and gave members some warning, and the film crew was incredibly courteous. By the end of the day members were poking their heads out of their offices in order to get a sneak peak and watch the behind-the-scenes action. 

Hosting a film crew ended up being a day of adventure. It was fun to get a different perspective and see the space from behind a camera lens. We can't wait to see the finished product and would definitely host another crew in the future!


Bike SHare!


We are so pleased with the way our bikes came out. It feels so great to have them ready to use, gleaming in the Spring sunshine.

What were our priorities when it came to the Bike Share? Well, we wanted the bikes to be secure, easy-to-use, and thoughtfully designed. We chose three-speed comfort bikes in order to maximize utility and flexibility for every rider on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Republic Bikes also come with a Smart app that allows users to unlock them from anywhere. We store them right outside our front door throughout the day, so that you have an easy and convenient place to park.

We also wanted the bikes to be beautiful, and hope that their eye-catching yellow paint stands out from the crowd (just like you!) and keeps riders safe. You can always borrow a SmartSpace helmet from our community manager or keep your own in your locker too. Every rider needs one!

We hope our members get much use and enjoyment out of the bikes. Work Smart. Bike Smart.